EFING & ROCHA, Advogados Associados S/C is a professional society of rendering of legal services that operates mainly in the field of ADVOCACY and BUSINESS ADVISORY, attending to national and foreign companies in various aspects of Business Law, mostly in the areas of Administrative, Environmental, Legal Audit (“Due Diligence”), Banking, Commercial, Consumer, Litigation/Arbitrage, Contractual, Power, Real estate, Indemnity, International, Corporate – Consolidations/Acquisitions, Successions, Tertiary Sector, Labor, Tax and Pro Bono Law.

The Society’s head office is in the city of CURITIBA, State of Paraná, Brazil, and corresponding offices in the main states of our country.
The professionals that are part of the society’s legal body have vast experience and high technical qualification in various specialties of Business Law, having operated in legal bodies of reputed offices, legal coordination of financial institutions and large companies in Paraná and in São Paulo.


EFING & ROCHA’s operation has the principle of combining the professional experience with the advanced level of training of the attorneys that make up the Society, with the attorneys being affiliated to Universities and advanced training and legal teaching entities, in the quality of the graduation professors, specialization and post-graduation, and also as authors of books and various scientific articles published by prestigious legal editors.


The Society staff also has a qualified interdisciplinary team capable of providing subsidies and important tools in dealing with issues regarding business activity such as audits, technical examinations, foreign trade, financial calculations, financial and stock market, etc.